Practice Philosophy

Our office is specifically focused on the care and protection of children. Our goal is that every patient and parent feels safe and comfortable in our office. We strive to alleviate a child’s fears by using our own specialized language and skills to explain procedures in a way they can understand. We also work hard to address parental concerns by explaining each child’s dental condition, why and what type of treatment has been planned, and how it might be prevented in the future. In all aspects, we hope that every patient and parent has a positive experience in our office.

We believe that by working together in cooperation with children and parents, most dental disease can be prevented. We stress prevention by incorporating highly the use of brushing and flossing instructions, topical fluorides, diet counseling, and sealants into our daily practice. We believe that when the dentist, parent, and child each play an integral part in a prevention program, children can stay cavity free.

The mission of Bluegrass Pediatric Dentistry is to:

Help children, adolescents and those with special needs achieve optimum oral health through excellent and compassionate dental care.

Respect, appreciate, and acknowledge the trust each parent has placed in us as we care for their child.

Advance the best possible oral health through prevention, first; and intervention, second.

Create a fun and welcoming environment where children and parents feel comfortable.